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"I consider painting language, a means of communicating the artist’s sensitivities through light and color."

Drawing and painting were a passion long before my parents enrolled me, aged 11, in a Saturday morning art class at Springfield, Massachusett's George Walter Vincent Smith Museum. I continued drawing and painting through my school years, finding art an ideal medium for expressing emerging uncertainties about mankind and the universe’s seeming infinity. Two related questions, in particular, constantly pursued me: first, what is the nature of man, his thoughts and instincts; second, how can man find meaning in a universe of infinite distances, masses and existential loneliness? Both are reflected in my art: in my early work, the nature of man in introspective portraits; more recently, in paintings of mankind and his artifacts within nature. Philosophically, I believe I have resolved my initial question, the nature of mankind. My second remains unresolved. While I sense that neither faith nor science allow a suitable answer, I also believe that man and his relentless curiosity will continue to search for resolution, all the while ignoring physical and emotional risks and inherent contradictions.

Despite my strong interest after college, I abandoned art in favor of a "traditional" career. I continued, however, to be fascinated by art and artists and vowed to return one day to working art. Three years ago I did, while realizing that if I were to work at a level that would allow me to communicate my thoughts effectively, my skills required refinement. Fortuitously, I had recently met and began working with artist and teacher, Louis Gagnon, whose emphasis on the golden ratio and rules of classical composition, light and color, drawing and perspective, provided my missing foundation. He remains a mentor. - September 2013


Yale University B.A.

exhibit and collections

June 2013 - United States Post Office, MacArthur Boulevard, Washington, D.C.
September 2013 - Yellow Barn Labor Day Exhibit, Glen Echo, Maryland
December 2013 - Yellow Barn Juried Competition, Glen Echo, Maryland
Krooth & Altman LLP - Permanent Collection, Washington, D.C.
June 2014 - United States Post Office, MacArthur Boulevard, Washinton, D.C.
September 2014 - Yellow Barn Labor Day Exhibit, Glen Echo, Maryland
December 2014 - Yellow Barn Juried Competition, Glen Echo, Maryland
December 2014 - Art League Juried Competition, Alexandria, Virginia

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